Chapter 3: The Hirsuit Hoodlum

Terra Beata’s climate limited humanity to a thin strip. That strip, a good distance from the limb of the planet, the Intelligences called goldilocks zone. If I ever meet Goldilocks I’ll kick her ass. On Terra Beata, goldilocks does not mean “just right.” It means you will not die today from violent storms, drought, heat stroke or extreme cold.

Chapter 4: Such, Such, Such. So, So, So.

Esau Shatwell Ironsi followed the directions Kedar gave him to get to the Ironsi family’s office. He could not find it. The building at the address had only one door, and that door had a sign over it that said, “Sam and Ella’s.” Look for the yellow Ironsi sign, Kedar told him. He saw no yellow Ironsi sign. Maybe Kedar …