Chapter 6: We Create a Circus

I looked out. The familiar boat that I knew so well floated past a strange and new stretch of river. So weird to be on the ordinary Miss Genius with the continuous passing of unfamiliar river around us. I imagined that our boat sat still while everything else, including the trees, the riverbanks, and the buildings, moved past. The wheelhouse, decks, and the fixtures stayed our bubble of consistency as we slowly moved across the chart.

Chapter 7: Burned Hair. Nasty Farts.

The first few days on the river passed. Little by little, I became weary of the novelty of the new places we saw. Xavi and I acted as if Miss Genius lay anchored in Aoustin Bayou. We no longer sat enthralled on the bow as the steady progression of stretches of river, towns, farms and wooded shores passed by. We …