Inordinate Fondness for Plaster

Esau’s wrecked body gave Doctor Otis Moon Dahl a canvas on which to do some of his best work. For Esau’s exemplary achievement in trashing his body, he got encased in a cast that covered most, but not quite all, of his body. His arms remained free. So did his head. Beyond that, bandaged plaster rendered him immobile to facilitate the mending of his bones. Doctor Otis Moon Dahl did cut a large strip out of the crotch area, front to back, in a grudging concession to Esau’s need to relieve himself periodically. In all the arts, there are compromises.

Yes, It was Naked

I started at Columbus Circle, next to Central Park in Manhattan. I crossed over to Broadway and followed that road as it led to Times Square. In front of me, a woman in a short black dress sped along, and I tried to keep up. I caught up with her at the next street where she stopped for traffic. As she stood there, cars sped close on the cross street.