Exploding Dogs and Yum-Yum Balls

“That’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I looked up. Kev gazed into the distance towards an approaching storm. The gray-green Heuck’s creeper, the shaggy top layer on Terran mats, grew around us and to the horizon. The tiny, waxy, leaf-like structures of the Heuck’s surrounded fingernail-sized bursts of white that looked like flowers. The white accented the blackish surface of the Terrans and almost looked like stars. Clouds rose above the rolling hills. The top of the cumulus masses, with their bright, white, folds, roiled out of a smudged dark bluish, gunmetal gray base. Sheets of rain, that gray at the bottom of the clouds, headed our way. The wind blew through the Heuck’s and formed patterns across the valley as the gusts blew one way, then another.