We Create a Circus

“The further up the river you go, the further you descend into incest, thievery, and stupidity,” Mom said. Mom lived upriver until she moved to Aoustin for college.

“Is that a bad thing?” Kev asked, without sarcasm.

Burned Hair. Nasty Farts.

“Terra Beata has many ways to kill, maim, or just simply, injure us,” Kev said to me. “You’re will soon experience one more. The hurricanes…, the arsine and ammonia in the atmosphere…, the air that catches fire during lightning storms…. This place is very resourceful in harming us. There are no mistakes in God’s world. Yes! I guess Terra Beata counts as God’s world. Maybe not as much as Earth. Or maybe just as much as Earth. But it’s still his world. Or maybe it is not his world, and perhaps there are mistakes on Terra Beata.”